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Loves: watching movies, chocolates, Ben & Jerry's cookie dough, reading novels, chilling out at cafes with a cup of Hazelnut latte & my Loved Ones
Wants: MP4,810i Walkman phone! (just received it! thanks daddy) ample time with my Loved Ones & the happiness that comes along... My Prince Charming...


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amanda (livejournal)

Spread Some Love.. Thursday, April 12, 2007

You said "It is over"
I braced myself, I did not know the end was so fast.
I travelled a beautiful journey with you.
Memorable experiences, beautiful memories
though we fight constantly,
for issues which i don 't think it really matters.
Everything has to come to an end
I wish all the best for you... Hopefully you find the desired girl.

I have to pull through,
I'm not alone, god is with me
Forgetting you is mission impossible
i aint a desperado
I aint shy to say this
i will remember you
and my love for you still continues


Lost in my thoughts.
10:15 AM <3

Yours Truly, Lil Princess Dimple.

Spread Some Love.. Saturday, March 31, 2007

Sunday 01/04/2007

Sunday Morning- Maroon Five

Wee hours 12-1plus

Rainy morning

Oreo cookies with coke, while studying

you said "What a weird combi?''

We were so in love, mesmerized by our lovey dovey conversation

The word 'Darl'

Memories are kiling me...

Maybe this is true love, fell too hard!

i would not say i'm haunted with these memories


one thing for sure,

i'll remember you for life- the man that i loved...

Lost in my thoughts.
11:43 PM <3

Yours Truly, Lil Princess Dimple.

Spread Some Love.. Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I feel so confuse...
I dunno why...
So many issues to ponder about?
I wonder, what are the issues?

I feel like I'm in a dilemma
But what is the problem?

So many restless nights
I'm always caught in my thoughts
my mum thinks i've been swept off my feet, after meeting a prince
I dunno
I'm so lost
nobody can help me

Lost in my thoughts.
4:07 AM <3

Yours Truly, Lil Princess Dimple.

Spread Some Love.. Friday, March 16, 2007

I yearn for the days,
where i spend time, staying at home
caught with a romance novel and my yummy milo

gone were those days
gone were my younger teenage years

my innocence is lost

i've grown up to be a 19year old woman,
unsure which path, to choose
very indecisive, in matters concerning my heart

I have grown up,
with different mentality
Growing up, is something i always wanted
when i was young
And now,
I dread growing

Lots of responsiblities
Lots of good decisions to be made

At times, i wish i would find the right love of my life
so many bad choices
so many hardships
i'm tired
I would remember this very day, 15/03/2007
the day you got pissed because of me
I'm asking for the very last time
do you have anyone in mind?
I hate this non-existent, stagnant shit thing!
Silent treatment?
I've never been treated like that in my previous relationship

you see the main problem?
i tend to compare
i hate comparing
but i dunno why
i keep doing it
it is wrong of me, to always want the PERFECT one!

TRUE LOVE DOES not come by finding the perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly
- Jason Jordan

Lost in my thoughts.
12:00 AM <3

Yours Truly, Lil Princess Dimple.

Spread Some Love.. Wednesday, March 14, 2007

oh man!

it is 4.15 am

can't sleep,

watching a dumbass tamil movie "Nenjil"

damned lame

thanks to my lappy,

i can do some stuff (grins)

oh by the way

a very good morning humans!

Lost in my thoughts.
1:11 PM <3

Yours Truly, Lil Princess Dimple.

Spread Some Love.. Monday, March 12, 2007

Boredom got a toll on me...

I had this sudden urge, to get my collection of movie tickets and paste them onto my scrap book!

My 18th birthday
He sneaked out from his house and came to my place sharp at 12, with a cake.... just to wish me happy birthday... memorable
The next picture was a neoprint, taken at Bugis

argh! this is what people do when they are so damned bored

As i was clearing my room, finding my movie tickets,

i stumbled upon my ex-boyfriend's gifts

A small rose bouquet, teddy bear, a coke bottle, banana man, cards, letters, neoprints and many more...

i dunno if this is right

but tears welled up

i miss the good old times- despite the bad fights

two pictures that made my heart sink in sorrow

I have no regrets...

I bear no grudge

I'm fine with him

I wish him luck for his future...

Birthday updates in LJ ok?

Toodles people

Lost in my thoughts.
9:49 AM <3

Yours Truly, Lil Princess Dimple.

Spread Some Love.. Saturday, March 10, 2007

Birthday Celebration Updates

Beautiful Evening
All my friends and well-wishers,
gathered around

Calmness left,
when you just had to ruin things
Thanks for threatening me, making me cry...

Somuch for a "fucked-up" birthday gathering

Thanks to mum, sister, poly mates and lovable mamas, for making this birthday possible!

Truthfully, poly darlings, if you're reading my blog!
THANKS! for dropping by, making my day and not making me CRY!
I really need to go out with Diyy... to the beach
Pant-up emotions

It was night, that was memorable! -fucked up birthday party
new friends were made

but nothing could alleviate the pain
you caused
no words can express the amount of agony i'm put in
i'm crushed
for leaving me all alone...
it's farewell for you and me...goodbye

Lost in my thoughts.
9:13 PM <3

Yours Truly, Lil Princess Dimple.